‘White Collar’ Recap: How Dreamy Was Matt Bomer?

Hey dreamy.

White Collar can be suspenseful, funny and even touching, but let’s be honest, we really just watch so we can spend an hour every week with Matt Bomer. So, with this in mind, we will be listing Neal Caffrey’s ten dreamiest moments every week. Unless of course we can’t keep the list to just ten.

  • He swims and showers — What better way to meet our friend Neal this season than by seeing him take a lovely deep in a seaside pool and then get naked and steamy in the shower. How we missed him.
  • He buys custom made fedoras — Being in the blistering sun means Neal has to protect that beautiful porcelain skin of his, and therefore buy some more of those signature fedoras.
  • He is nice to children — Look, the little fruit stand boy waves to Neal meaning they are totally BFFs. This obviously comes in handy later when Neal uses the child to woo his mother and pickpoket Agent Burke.
  • He makes sure people pay for papayas — Thugs beware, if you stiff the fruit stand boy for his products, Neal will make sure you pay.
  • He plans twilight dinners on the beach — That is such a panty dropper move.
  • And constructs giants clay models of NYC — Oh wait, this is even better.
  • He keeps in touch with old friends — Neal gives his old pal Ellen a call from the beach. Only it’s Agent Burke, but he still seems happy to chat with his FBI bud.
  • He looks great in white — We wish we could pull off linen pants and a wifebeater too.
  • He is still sweet the morning after — Even though the panties did indeed drop, Neal is still such a gent to his island lover the next day. Gay men are totally the nicest.
  • He surprises his friends in fun ways — Having a pickpocket steal you friend’s wallet and lead him on a chase through town to meet you atop a winding stairwell? So inspired and fun!

So let’s be honest, Mr. Bomer totally gets a 10 for dreaminess this week. Let’s hope he can keep it up.

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