White Girl Problems’ Babe Walker Writes Book

I hate that I'll never get to be on Oprah. #whitegirlproblems

If we bothered to read – or had a hot boyfriend/manservant/pool boy to read things to us, we’d be totally excited about famous Tweeter @Whitegrlproblem’s new memoir. The well-heeled (both literally and figuratively) girl-about-town finally gets to share her worldview in more than 140 characters (minus the ones it takes to add the hashtag #whitegirlproblems). Here are a few select pearls of wisdom from the sample chapter online:

Real estate advice: “In case you don’t already know, Dubrovnik is the tits right now—previously war-torn but now it’s EVERYTHING (Google it).”

Necessary office supplies for 4 hours of work: “I gathered my Birkin and my office supplies (headphones, iPad, BlackBerry, iPhone, white iPhone, and Montblanc fountain pen) and made my way out of the building.”

Getting dressed: “I was wearing a printed Balenciaga shift dress, an oversized Yohji Yamamoto blazer, six-inch purple suede Yves St. Laurent pumps, and a massive work Birkin….P.S. I always sketch out a look before I try it on. You can’t trust mirrors.”

Honesty: “[Y]esterday when I told you that I thought your boots were cute, I perjured myself.”

We already texted our maids to preorder it.