Whitney Houston’s Bible on Sale for $95,000

The book contains the singer's handwritten notes.

A bible belonging to late singer Whitney Houston is being sold for $95,000 by her former landlord.


According to TMZ, the “I Will Always Love You” songstress left the item behind when she vacated her Newport Beach Luxury rental in 2011.

The property’s owner says he found the bible in a box along with clothes and CDs by the trash after Houston moved out. The landlord claims to have signed a non-disclosure agreement and contacted Houston’s agent about the left-behind items, and was told he could keep them.

The bible, which is being sold through autograph auction house Moments in Time, contains the singer’s handwritten notes documenting life events.

On one page, under marriage, Houston scribbled in her name and Robert B. Brown and the date July 18, 1992. Under births, it lists Bobbi K. Kristina and her birthday March 4, 1993.

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