Who Are The Internet’s Hottest Selfie Studs?

Well, Nick Jonas has grown up. It used to just be his bubble butt that I was attracted to. Admittedly the filter he used helps - I know as well as anyone the right lighting can make things look more impressive than they areNick Jonas on Instagram at NickJonas

You might be annoyed with certain internet trends like dessert photos and endless hashtagging, but I can think of one reason to relish the silly social media of 2013: We are inundated with hot men who take hot pictures of themselves and post them constantly. Mike Albo, writing for New York Magazine, calls them #Instastuds, but we like to think of the as the Sultans of Selfies.

Whatever you call them, these are men that enjoy photographing themselves looking hot, and even more, they love exporting their best shots to Tumblr, Facebook, and most of all Instagram to see what kind of attention they get. It’s usually a lot. I’d complain about this, but well-done narcissism means a lot to me, particularly if it’s free of charge. The challenge of posting photos of yourself with great regularity is keeping yourself interesting, as well as hot. Some of these subjects will thrive in the golden glow of an iPhone picture forever, and others will bore us (or maybe just themselves) and pass on into obscurity. We need your help separating the wheat from the chaff.

So here’s a special request to our readers: Who are your favorite Instragram-snapping gents and filter-friendly mensches? We might just count up your nominees and bracket them in a special poll in the coming weeks. How about that? Let’s make¬†Nick Jonas¬†tremble at his beefy competition, shall we?

So, enlighten us: Who are the hottest selfie maestros on social media? And what’s their greatest photo to date? (Provide a link– or better yet the pic– you’ll be doing your fellow TBL readers a great service!)

To get you started, here are a few of our faves these days…

Chris Pratt selfieActor Chris Pratt on Instagram at PrattPrattPratt

While celebrities always spice things up, we have to give props to the less well known though equally hot non-celebs who have used hot selfies to cultivate a serious online following.

Marcis ENhartMarcis Enhart at marcusenhart

Vincent LarocheVincent Laroche (vlx82)

George AnthGeorge Torres (georgeanth7)


Terry MillerDan Savage’s other half Terry Miller (terrysphots)

This is just a small sampling of the selfie hotness on Instagram and other social media sites. We want to know which selfie studs TheBacklot readers are partial to. Enlighten us in the comments!