You Know You’re A Gay Kid Of The ’90s If…

The 1990s were full of empty promises: The economy was good. The internet was slow. Bill Clinton definitely did not have sexual relations with that woman and Britney and Justin were definitely going to be together forever.

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But what was the decade like for kids growing up gay?

Here are 17 ways to tell that your so-called gay life was shaped by twelve-hour blocks of music videos and AOL Instant Messenger:

  1. You remember this being a pretty big deal.

  2. Your parents might have let you watch this…

    …but you might have watched this on mute when they left the room.

  3. You know every single difference between this…


    …and this.

  4. You were pretty sure you had completely figured out this choreography in your bedroom mirror.

  5. There is a good chance you made your first gay friend here.

  6. You remember when the question wasn’t Team Edward or Team Jacob, it was Team Mark…

    …or the right team.

  7. You remember when the question wasn’t Team Mark or Team Antonio, it was Team Zack…

    …or the right team.

  8. You remember arranging your first internet hook-ups from a desktop computer without GPS.

  9. You remember when supermodels ruled the earth.

  10. You remember when Oprah was the President of the United States of America.

  11. You remember when Madonna was an award-winning actress.

  12. You remember when Madonna was an avant-garde goth witch.

  13. You remember when Carrie spoke directly into the camera.

  14. Your style icons included Rachel Green…


    …Ashley Banks…

    …Hillary Banks…


    …every girl from the “Macarena” video…

    …every color of the “Crush On You” rainbow…

    …and assorted Spices.

  15. If you didn’t have Internet, you knew the exact moment of every shower and make-out scene on Oz.

  16. If you didn’t have HBO, you knew the exact moment a new issue of A&F Quarterly came out.

  17. When someone says “What was that girl’s name in Destiny’s Child? Not Beyonce, not Kelly. The other one,” you’re like…

    “Could you please…”

    “…be a little more…”