Whoopi Goldberg Admits She’s Been Crabby For The Last Ten Months

"It's not PMS. It's pure, out and out, crab. It's just crab."

After months and months of speculation, EGOT Whoopi Goldberg has finally admitted what we’ve long known: She’s crabby as hell.

That cold, hard fact became more-than-evident yesterday on The View, when Whoops refused to transition segments, despite her cue cards telling her such.

“Would they like me to move on? Is that idea? Well how about this, we’re still talking,” she said during a segment focusing on recent Donald Trump statements.

Awkward laughter from her co-hosts helped punctuate the lost course of the ship she’s been steering since 2007.

“Turning, turning,” Joy Behar said.

“Turned! Are you kidding me, I’m already crabby,” Whoopi responded, before swinging out to the audience and declaring, “I’ve been crabby for the last ten months. I’m going to just say it. I don’t care who knows.”

The audience was told to clap, so they did, but were likely really thinking:


Donald Trump, a longtime friend of Barbra Walters (and by proxy, friend of the show), didn’t miss a beat, taking the opportunity to lambast ABC, The View, Goldberg and Behar on Twitter.

Whoopi’s bizarre act of defiance is hardly her first venture into “over it” territory on the show. Her terseness and general frustration with the direction of the long-running daytime series has been obvious since the beginning of last season, when the butting of heads between her and then-co-host Rosie O’Donnell first began to rise to the surface.

An inside source tells NewNowNext that Goldberg’s contract will not be renewed at the end of this season which could explain the ever-present vacant look the once-jovial legend used to emanate.

Whoopi, we love you, and hope you get rid of the crab.