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Whoopi Goldberg Releasing Line Of LGBT-Friendly “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

"It’s basically about how we are all in this together."

While we’re all focused on finding the perfect Halloween costume, Whoopi Goldberg is already hard at work on outfits for the inevitable ugly-sweater holiday parties that will soon follow.

The comedian announced she’s creating a diverse line of holiday sweaters that will launch at Lord & Taylor in late October.

“You can’t call them ’ugly,'” warned Whoopi. “Mine are kind of ’funny Christmas sweaters’ or ’Christmas sweaters with a twist.'”

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via Vogue

The talk show host wanted to create a collection that represented all types of people and the many things they celebrate during the holidays.

Goldberg spoke to Vogue about her line of gay apparel, and described what will be found on some of the sweaters.

“There is a little boy who’s decorating the Christmas tree and he’s holding the yarmulke and he’s got dreidels; he’s got Christmas trees,” she said. “It’s basically about how we are all in this together.”

whoopi sweater
via Vogue

Whoopi revealed that one of the sweaters even features a same-sex kiss.

“There’s a great one of two Santas kissing, one white Santa and one black Santa, and it’s fantastic,” she said.

The collection will be available for sale at the end of the month, but Whoopi is in no rush to put them on.

“I’m old school. I won’t break them out until December 1,” she said. “For me, you get out of the turkey’s way — you take a breather.”

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