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Watch Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandson Give An Emotional Whoopi Goldberg An Award For Her AIDS Activism

A well-deserved honor.

When no wanted want to talk about AIDS, Elizabeth Taylor was there, using her money, her resources and her Hollywood connections to speak out on behalf of people affected by the epidemic. Today, her family continues her legacy through the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

On this morning’s episode of The View, four of Taylor’s grandchildren presented the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, another celebrity who spoke out when no one else would.

whoopi goldberg
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“I was in Berkeley and San Francisco, where we had friends—performers, dancers, writers, designers—who suddenly got sick,” she recalled. “And sick in a way that hospitals were dumping them on the streets.”

Below, watch Quinn Tivey and Whoopi both get emotional as he presents her with the award—and reveals that the foundation has just secured $4 million in funding to help people with AIDS in Malawi.


It is uncanny how much they look like their grandmother. And wonderful that they’re keeping her spirit alive.

quinn tivey

“I think it’s important to continue and expand upon the work of those who went before us,” Tivey said in 2013.

“Our generation did not start the fight, did not institute the level of awareness, support, and research that exists today, but it is our responsibility to continue it. Awareness is crucial for support, research, and also for making smart choices, such as having safe sex.”

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