Whoopi Goldberg On Trans Models: “I Have To Tip My Hat To These Folks”

Whoopi sounds off on her new Oxygen show, "Strut" premiering September 20.

EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss the new reality series she is executive producing for Oxygen, Strut about a transgender modeling agency.

“People feel transgender folks have just got here and this is very new, but transgender people have been with us for years,” Goldberg explained to Colbert.

oxygen strut trailer

She goes onto explain the bravery of being a publicly known trans model:

“I think [being a model] is a good way to not have to go in another direction because you’re a transgender person. Their bravery to stand up and say ‘this is who I am’ in a world where people think it’s funny or think it’s silly or don’t understand or who get very religious about it… God doesn’t make mistakes but Mother Nature will mess with you until the cows come home! You know who you are, I know who I am. Sometimes people arrive and there’s a little mix-up and they’re not in the right place.”

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Since anti-trans bathroom bills are still making headlines Colbert asks Goldberg if they plan on shooting any of the show in North Carolina:

“Not yet,” the comedian replies with a smile.

Season Two, anyone?

Watch Goldberg’s interview below:

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