Why A Longtime Gay Activist Is Supporting Trump: “He Knows How To Run Things”


Gay Republican and longtime AIDS activist James Driscoll says he’s supporting Donald Trump for president, citing Trump’s leadership skills and his positions on immigration, healthcare and the economy.

Driscoll, who served on President George W. Bush’s Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, said in an interview with Washington Blade that Trump has a solid approach to LGBT and AIDS-related issues, especially when compared to his Republican rivals, who Driscoll believes tend toward fundamentalism.

“That’s also one reason that I like Donald Trump,” said Driscoll. “He says he’s religious but he seems basically to be a secularist and he’s not an ideologue.”

Driscoll further dismisses claims that Trump has warped ideas about civil rights and immigration, blaming the “liberal media” for twisting the candidate’s message, even as Trump recently stated that he would strongly consider nominating Supreme Court justices who would overturn last year’s ruling on Marriage Equality.

For Driscoll, it’s Trump’s astute business sense that trumps all other complaints lobbied at the candidate. “I’m convinced he can govern very well – much better than Rubio or Cruz because he knows how to run a business. He knows how to run things, how to make decisions.”

And even when one of those decisions appears to be Trump’s acceptance and acknowledgement of his popularity among members of the KKK, Driscoll stands with his man:

“Trump will have [their] support, like it or not. Hillary will have the support of black, Islamic and Hispanic far-out racists, like it or not,” he said.

“No one is demanding Hillary do somersaults to punctuate her repudiation of far left support. Double standard again.”

Though for many, Driscoll’s opinions seem wildly out of touch, it appears that a large chunk of the Right agrees with him, with Trump gaining 316 new delegates in yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries.


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