Why Did This Cute Model Take A Bath In 500lbs Of Glass Putty?

"I might be getting out of here nude."

Vat19 is an online shop specializing in “unique, unusual and fun gifts,” and one of those gifts is liquid glass putty.

While it might be unclear what you do with such a gift, the company stripped and shaved a model to advertise one use — submerging your body in 500 pounds of it, just for fun.

At least it was supposed to be fun. But things took a turn once our fearless hero sat in the putty bath for a minute.

“I’m mainly cold, and it is hard to breathe because it’s so heavy on my chest,” he says, as he struggles to move.

He shaved most of his body hair off so that the putty wouldn’t stick to it, but at one point discovers that he forgot to take care of his armpit hair, instantly realizing “that’s not going to be fun at all.”

His greatest struggle comes when it’s time to get out of the tub, and he fears he might have to cut his shorts off.

Does he make it out alive? Does he get the putty out of his pit hair? Will you be so enthralled by his bath that you run out and buy your own liquid glass putty immediately?

Watch the video below for answers to all these questions, and more!

h/t: Towleroad

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