Why Is This Math Teacher So Hot? Because He’s A Male Model, That’s Why.

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University College London student Arief Azil was pretty sure he’d seen his substitute math teacher somewhere before. He didn’t necessarily know the guy, but something about that face was unmistakably familiar.

A quick glide over to Google and Azil had his ’aha’ moment, discovering that his teacher, Pietro Boselli, was also a male model discovered by none other than Giorgio Armani.

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“Armani saw me when I was 6 and said I should become a model, Boselli told F.TAPE.

Mr Boselli, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, was crowned the European Fitness Model Champion in 2014 and is the current campaign model for Equinox Gym.


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Some other fun facts about the 26-year-old Italian include his idea of his best feature (“A weird blend of perseverance and inconsistency”), his biggest fear (“Getting run over by an ambulance”) and his laundry list of idols, which include Sir Isaac Newton, Oscar Wilde and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Boselli’s LinkedIn indicates his stint at University was short-lived, having left in June of last year. His top skills include numerical analysis, mathematical modeling and fluid dynamics.


While the photo in question is from January, 2014, for some unexplained reason the internet decided it was time to make much ado over the weekend, with Boselli quickly being dubbed “the world’s hottest math teacher.”

We gave his Instagram a necessary deep dive and selected some of our favorite shots of the erudite stud.

My mum took this random pic last summer ! I’m like: mum what r u doin r u taking a pic?! miss ya

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Heck let’s go crazy and post two pictures this Friday night

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London roof terrace

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