Wig Little Lies, Ep. 4: Disco Infernos and Conspiracy Theories

Let's boogie-oogie-oogie to the bottom of some "Big Little Lies" secrets.

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Big Little Lies is heating up, having delivered another stellar episode last night. And we got some great wigs in the process.

Renata threw Amabella a disco-themed birthday and had The Trammps headlining because, you know, what first grader doesn’t want their party to have some middle-aged men in sparkly blouses playing music older than anything they can possibly conceive? Most of the ladies nailed the dress code, but Jane and her new beau Corey just opted for some hippie chic shit with nary a sequin in sight.

Major points for Ziggy’s Stardust, though.

Speaking of Corey, things are getting a little clearer as the mysteries of Monterey unfold. We’re nearly halfway through this season, so it’s time to start postulating. Let’s bust out the conspiracy theories!

Conspiracy Theory #1

Corey is Perry’s half brother.

Who is this Corey kid? We haven’t trusted him since day one, though he seems nice enough. Still, there’s something off about him, particularly the way he inserted his way into Jane’s life. Then there was this little tidbit Mary Louise told Celeste about Perry’s father.

Could Corey be Perry’s long-lost half brother? Is he in Monterey looking for answers? Or justice? Inquiring minds want to know.

Conspiracy Theory #2

Amabella is another Renata.

Renata and Gordon met with an auditor who jacked her of her wedding ring after going through the list of expenses and possessions the couple claimed. Among those expenses was “$4,200 to Morris-Simmons Lab.” Renata’s curt explanation: It’s medical. And it wasn’t covered by her insurance. Renata’s fanatic obsession with Amabella has always been extreme, but there has to be a reason behind it. Perhaps Renata had a lot of difficulty conceiving and that relates to the $4,200 charge? IVF, adoption, clone?

That’s actually too a low price for all of those things, but we’re still holding out hope that Amabella is Renata’s clone if only because we need more Renatas in the world. Though upon closer inspection, she’s probably just talking about some Botox.

Conspiracy Theory #3

Bonnie’s mom is a witch.

Bonnie dismisses her mother’s talk about bad energy around her and Renata’s house as Elizabeth’s “weird imagination.” But Elizabeth keeps seeing these flashes of blue and one such flash is so powerful it apparently gives her a stroke.

Then she has one last vision before the episode ends—of Bonnie drowning!

Is it a premonition? Is it symbolic of the lie slowly overtaking Bonnie’s life? Are we really doing a supernatural story line right now?

Conspiracy Theory #4

Mary Louise may not be the bad guy.

Mary Louise is an enigma. She’s a monster, that’s for sure, especially in the way she talks about Jane’s assault and blames Celeste for Perry’s indiscretions—which leads to the slap we’ve all been waiting for.

In true Mary Louise fashion, she takes it like a champ and follows through with a crippling read.

Ouch. Celeste is clearly going through some shit, and Mary Louise genuinely wants what’s best for her grandsons, so she makes moves to take custody of them. Mary Louise seeks counsel (played by none other than noted kween Dennis O’Hare), who tells her this could lead to the boys hating her.

Then Mary Louise delivers what’s basically her manifesto for this entire season:

She just gave us a “This isn’t RuPaul’s Best Friend Race“—the prestige drama equivalent of “I’m not here to make friends.” She’s the villain, obviously… but is she though?

On the one hand, you can see Mary Louise being driven out of town, or even ending up dead somehow. But on the other, she could get pulled into the Monterey Five and their secret, especially if the ultimate goal is the safety of her grandchildren.

Conspiracy Theory #5

Mary Louise is drugging Celeste.

That shit Celeste is clearly going through seems, at least in part, fueled by her pill-popping. She’s already crashed her car in an Ambien daze, and now she doesn’t remember taking home some rando bartender (cute though). The sleep-driving? Sure. She’s having trouble sleeping, she goes for a semiconscious drive—totally plausible. But she didn’t take Ambien before going out to the bar, did she? Did someone slip it to her? Mary Louise? Is Mary Louise gaslighting Celeste?!

We’re not sure about any of these theories, except maybe the first one—that seems pretty obvious at this point—but we are sure of what this season of Big Little Lies is making us feel:

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