Will Alex Newell be “The Glee Project”‘s Kurt Hummel?

Even though we’ve still got a couple more episodes of Glee before the season is over, no doubt many Gleeks are already anticipating going through some serious withdrawal when Kurt and company disappear for the summer. No doubt that explains why Ryan Murphy teamed up with Oxygen to create The Glee Project which debuts on June 12.

What is The Glee Project? Well, besides a clever way to keep milking this cash cow, it’s a ten episode reality competition series pitting 12 singer/actors against each other, with the winner getting a seven episode story arc on Glee. And given what Glee has done for some previously unknown folks like, oh, say, some guy named Chris Colfer, who knows where else winning The Glee Project could lead to?

Speaking of Kurt, AfterElton.com checked with Oxygen and the show does feature an out gay contestant. Meet Alex Newell.

Here is his official bio.

Age: 18

Hometown: Lynn, MA

Alex has been a performer since he was a toddler, and has been performing in amateur shows since high school. He lost his father to cancer at the age of six and finding his love for acting and singing has helped him find a way to express his emotions. Extracurricular activities such as church choir, school choir, improv club and costume design keep him extremely busy. He has tremendous range and has the ability to tackle any lead role — both male or female! Alex was one of the 34,000 people to submit an audition video for “The Glee Project” via MySpace.

Here is a shot of all the contestants.

Good luck to Alex. Will you be watching The Glee Project?