Exclusive: Coco Peru Has a Crush on Will in a New Clip From “Will & Grace”

This bothers me.

Karen Walker better switch her vodka for some Tension Tamer tea because she’s about to encounter the drag queen legend, Miss Coco Peru.

Chris Haston/NBC

On this week’s episode of Will & Grace, Will, Jack, and Karen honor Jack’s upcoming wedding by going to a celebratory drag brunch hosted by Coco—but things become complicated when Karen and Will realize they are are going to have to prove to Jack which of them should be his best man.

In the new scene, Coco is crushing on Will, but becomes increasingly more bothered by the annoying antics of Karen and the gang as they argue over who is going to pay for the check.

Drag queens love some drama, but Coco doesn’t have time for any of this—she has some shopping to get to!

Watch the exclusive new clip below, and check out the full episode of Will & Grace this Thursday at 9/8c on NBC.


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