“Will & Grace” Hits The Ice In New NBC Olympics Promo

Of course Karen can sip a martini and skate at the same time.

We all love the spectacle of the Winter Olympics—especially the fierce figure skating routines.

Any Will & Grace fan knows that Grace and Jack are figure skating super-fans, dating back to the first season episode “Will On Ice,” where the two discovered their shared love for the sport.

In a new promo, NBC reminds Will & Grace fans that the show is “on ice” while the Olympics are airing on the Peacock Network—and what better way to get the point across than have Will, Jack, Grace and Karen lace up their own skates and hit the ice.


The short clip shows the two couples, running into one another at the ice skating rink, wearing the same outfits and realizing that both of their routines are to “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.

It ends with all four being pulled by a Zamboni, with Grace hamming it up for the crowd and Karen skating while sipping on a martini.

Watch them go for the gold in the video below.

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