Here’s Your First Look At Molly Shannon’s Return On “Will & Grace”

Hide your music boxes because crazy Val is back.

After the gang traveled back in time for a gay olde Christmas, they will return to present day to deal with some familiar faces—like Molly Shannon’s Val.

Shannon is returning to Will & Grace reprising her role as Val Bassett, the unstable neighbor of the duo, who temporarily became besties with Will (Eric McCormack) in the first season of the sitcom.

Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Shannon ultimately ended up appearing in five episodes of Will & Grace, the last being the Season 7 episode “One Gay At A Time,” where Grace (Debra Messing) accidentally attends a AA meeting and runs into Val there, where it’s revealed she’s a recovering alcoholic—and judging from this first pic from her latest guest appearance she’s still crazy all these years later.

Chris Haston/NBC

Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the show’s co-creators, told TV Line that “2018 promises to be a year marked by unmoored insanity, and it’s in that spirit we’ve asked the divine Molly Shannon to be part of the second half of our first season back.”

When the former Saturday Night Live cast member was asked on Watch What Happens Live back in August if she would be returning for the Will & Grace revival she said she would “love to a part of it” if they asked her.

“I’m still really close to Megan [Mullally] and Sean [Hayes], but I haven’t been asked yet.”

Shannon is just the latest guest star from the original run of the series to return for the sitcom’s revival. Harry Connick Jr, Bobby Cannavale, Leslie Jordan and Minnie Driver are just some of the familiar faces that have been popping up this season.

Nothing is known about how Val comes back into the lives of Will and Grace and the gang, but the episode is titled “There’s Something About Larry,” so after moving on from Will and Jack maybe Val sets her sights on their longtime friend, Larry (Tim Bagley)?

We wouldn’t put it past her.

Shannon’s episode will air when the show returns in January.

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