Jack Gets In The “Pajama Party Position” In New “Will & Grace” Clip

"No heterosexual man has ever sat this way."

Poor Grace.

Even after all of these years Will, Jack and Karen are still on her about her lack of dating and how she is too work-focused. In a new clip from this week’s episode, Karen once again gives Grace some dating advice, and when Grace counters that she actually went on a date recently Will jumps in, and breaks it to Grace that her date was gay.

Chris Haston/NBC

How does Will know he was gay? Appaerantly when he got back to their apartment, Grace’s date was sitting in the “pajama party position.” Never heard of it? Don’t worry, Jack demonstrates it for the group—and the viewers at home.

Have you ever seen a heterosexual man sit in that position?

The new episode is titled “Grandpa Jack” and features the return of Jack’s son, Elliott (Michael Angarano) who reveals he has a son of his own, Skip (Jet Jurgensmeyer).

We can only imagine how big Jack’s gasp will be when he learns that he has a grandchild.

No only does “Grandpa Jack” have family drama, it’s also the episode where Jane Lynch and Andrew Rannells guest star. The two play counselors at a conversion therapy camp called Camp Straighten Arrow. The episode description says that “Skip needs the kind of help only Will (Eric McCormack) and Jack can provide,” but whether Skip is actually a camper at Straighten Arrow is unclear.

Chris Haston/NBC

Will & Grace airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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