“Will & Grace” Invades Trump’s White House In New Season Premiere

They're back!

It seems like the “Get Out the Vote” video that sparked the Will & Grace reunion was ages ago, but it finally premiered tonight.

Chris Haston/NBC

From the very first minutes, any worries that the magic wouldn’t hold up were put to rest: the gang is back together, with all the chemistry they had more than a decade years ago. Yes, the world has changed a lot, but our fab foursome hasn’t: Will and Grace are still roommates (and single), Jack lives down the hall, and Karen isn’t quite sure what’s going on.

The original series’ finale was addressed quickly (and then promptly ignored), and things are pretty much where we left them. But would the lighthearted NBC sitcom lean into politics? After tonight’s premiere it’s looks like Will & Grace can juggle humor and current events.

Chris Haston/NBC

In the new episode, Karen is besties with Donald and Melania and reveals Grace is redecorating the Oval Office. But it Will and Jack have also traveled to the White House to meet an anti-environmentalist senator Will has a crush on.

The patter is still rapid-fire, and its refreshing to see a comedy that’s not so mired down in being realistic and serialized. When the episode ends, absolutely nothing has changed—and that’s the way we like it.

Do these dark and divisive times need Will & Grace? We vote yes, honey.

Chris Haston/NBC
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