The “Will & Grace” Gang Prove Why They Are The Queens Of Shade

Watch the masters at work.

After 11 years Will & Grace finally returned to our screens for a critically-acclaimed ninth season, but as quickly as the sitcom returned, we are now in a Will & Grace drought since the show won’t air new episodes until 2018.

If you need to fill that Jack and Karen void in your life, the Will & Grace team has you covered with a new video compilation of the shadiest lines from the new season including some of our favorites like “Nice detective work. You put the Nancy in Nancy Drew.”

But most of the zingers are about Grace and her… questionable fashion choices. Some things never change.

Even though there might not be new episodes of Will & Grace on right now doesn’t mean series stars Eric McCormack and Debra Messing aren’t popping up on your TVs. The duo hosted a primetime special about the Golden Globes this past week, and the show was nominated for two Globes, Best Comedy TV Series and McCormack got a nod for Best Actor.

We waited 11 years for Will & Grace to come back, we can wait another month, right? Right?

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