“Will & Grace” Are Headed To QVC

"I did not say STD, I said QVC!"

Nate Berkus and Martha Stewart better watch out because Grace Adler is about to take over the home goods department.

In a scene from this week’s new episode of Will & Grace, Grace (Debra Messing) delivers the exciting news to her bestie/business partner, Will (Eric McCormack), that the two of them will be selling their new Grace by Grace Adler Designs bed linens live on QVC.

Chris Haston/NBC

Remember this is Will and Grace, who are known to love the spotlight, so naturally both of them think they should be the one to be the face of Grace by Grace Adler Designs.

Judging from new pics released from the episode, Grace wins out as the spokesperson for the bed linen line, but we are sure something will go wrong since things never go smoothly for Will and the gang.

We don’t know about you, but we would totally sleep in some sheets designed by Grace so NBC should get these on store shelves pronto.

Watch the new scene below.


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