Rosario Has Gone Missing In A New Scene From “Will & Grace”

And Karen is worried.

Karen (Megan Mullally) is not one to show up to work on time. She usually strolls in when she pleases, half in the bag before noon, but in a new clip from this week’s episode of Will & Grace, she has a good reason for her tardiness: She can’t find her beloved maid, Rosario.

Will & Grace fans know Rosario has been missing from the show’s revival because the actress who portrayed her, Shelley Morrison, decided to retire from acting—even though she did make a cameo in last year’s “Vote, Honey” video that reunited the sitcom’s cast.

“I spent half the morning trying to track down Rosario,” Karen says in the new clip. “She never takes a day off, unless it’s Christmas or Maids Eat Free Day at Applebees.”

It came as a shock to fans when Morrison didn’t return for the revival since Rosario was one of the most beloved characters on the original series, ultimately appearing in 68 of the show’s 198 episodes.

Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Before Will & Grace, Morrison had a long history in Hollywood dating back to the 1960s. She appeared in series like The Flying Nun and General Hospital. Morrison also played Rosa the maid in the 1989 cult classic, Troop Beverly Hills.

Not only does this week’s episode of Will & Grace, titled “Rosario’s Quinceanera,” put Rosie back in the spotlight, but Minnie Driver also returns as Lorraine Finster, Karen’s stepdaughter.

Chris Haston/NBC

Will Karen find Rosario? And how does Lorraine fit into all of this? Tune into Will & Grace this Thursday on NBC to find out.

Watch the opening scene from the episode below.

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