Will Gets A Glimmer Of Hope On “Nashville,” Anderson Cooper Won The Debate: BRIEFS

Plus alien megastructures in space, and Spirit Day stories

Birthday shoutouts go to Dominic West (above), who is 46, Tanya Roberts is 60, Richard Carpenter is 69, Penny Marshall is 72, and Linda Lavin is 78.

I Was Bullied: 7 Survivor Stories on Spirit Day

Why the winner of the Democratic debate was Anderson Cooper.

“In the end, Cooper showed why he’s one of the top journalists in the game: He was impeccably prepared, wasn’t hesitant to ask follow-up questions when warranted and didn’t offer up one question — not one — that could be considered frivolous or fluffy.”

’Conversion therapy’ endangers LGBT youth and must stop: U.S. report

Scientists think they may have found alien ‘megastructures’ in space. I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords


Catching up with Will on Nashville, he was only in a couple of scenes this week, but this one may be pivotal.


After last week, when a country bigwig refused to have his picture taken with him, having Rayna James warmly embrace him and his coming out hopefully will give Will the belief he needs. But I still say Rayna should sign him to her label.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay and bisexual celebs who deserve more recognition. This week we give a ShoutOUT™ to … Kerwin Mathews


Kerwin followed up The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad and The Three Worlds Of Gulliver with another stop-motion classic, 1962’s Jack The Giant Killer. They don’t make em like this anymore.

Three years ago I presented my personal favorite Briefs list, The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s, and because if there’s one thing Hollywood has taught us, it’s that sequels and reboots and remakes are ALWAYS better then the original, we’re going to the well again with The 100 Greatest Lost Hits of The 80’s Part 2: The Even More Forgotten

We’ll be spotlighting 100 more of the greatest minor hits of the decade, the songs you don’t hear on any 80’s nostalgia show. Songs that missed the top ten, or top twenty … or top forty. Hopefully these forgotten gems may ring a long dormant bell, or for younger readers, provide a pop music history lesson.

At #87 is “Holiday” by The Other Ones

Former puppeteer Alf Klimek formed The Other Ones in 1983 with fellow Australians, including vocalist Jayney Klimek, and they moved to Germany to record their debut album. The first single “We Are What We Are” peaked at No. 53 in May 1987 (and can be be found on the original Lost Hits of The 80’s), and their song “Holiday” managed to hit the top 40, reaching #29 in October 1987. It would be their final chart entry.


Congrats to stormymac, who guessed that yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Dead Poet’s Society.


Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here is a scene from a FAMOUS MOVIE. Can you name it?


And today’s Briefs are brought to you by … Stephen Brenna

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