Will Jake Survive His First Day On The Job On UK Police Drama “Cuffs”: SOAPS

Plus, Brad and Lucas make a rare appearance on "General Hospital" and "Hollyoaks celebrates 20 years of soapy storytelling


A Place To Call Home (Australia)

I figured Olivia would be the one to cheat first, that scene between her and Lloyd was pretty hot. It must have been since she was going back for more the next morning. But who can blame the poor thing for straying when James says he’s not interested in her ‘like that’ even as he swears he put his gay past behind him and wants Olivia to stop shading him for it.

Turnabout is fair play though and I want James to get some sexing up from his hot doctor.
I loved that article that Caroline wrote about Regina. The same could be said of some women even today. But Anna and Gino continue to be boring. I’m just waiting for the inevitable implosion once Anna becomes a best selling author and is bored and embarrassed by her idiot husband. You know it’s coming.

Oh, here we go again. The episode ended with Sarah collapsing and the baby in jeopardy leaving viewers to wonder if after everything she’s gone through, she loses the baby anyway. But, the previews seconds later reveal that she doesn’t miscarry and the real drama is George finding out about the baby possibly being his. I’m glad Sarah doesn’t lose her baby, but what’s the point of the cliffhanger if it’s spoiled in the very next scene?

Days of Our Lives   (U.S.)

Paul tracking Sonny down at Will’s gravesite is completely inappropriate. It’s like Paul showing up at Sonny and Will’s apartment after Will had been murdered. All kinds of wrong. I get the the reasons for those scenes: it’s not over between Paul and Sonny and this was the show’s way of letting us know that (though Sonny will clearly be portrayed by a new actor when Sonny comes back like he promised). The actors were certainly playing it as if Sonny and Paul had a future. And given that bit about Will’s picture blowing away at the end, the show is done with Will and Sonny and that relationship. But those scenes shouldn’t have taken place mere inches away from where Will was buried.


And that’s not the only problem I had with this entire arc.

I’ve never believed that Sonny, as we knew him, would up and leave Arianna a few months ago, and his leaving her again, after the poor baby loses her father, is just as hard to buy. I know that Freddie Smith left the show so the writers had to work with what they had. It is just so out of character for Sonny to abandon his daughter — again. It’s the same with his leaving after learning about his mother’s health issues. That just isn’t Sonny.
And does Sonny believe that his best friend Chad murdered Will? The show barely touched upon that when it should be a big plot point given the history between these characters.

We didn’t see Roman, Will’s grandfather and the police commissioner until Will’s funeral, but he could have stayed away when he says lines like ‘he’s in a better place’. Umm.. what? What were the writers thinking? Will wasn’t ill or suffering or in pain. He was brutally murdered. The same as Sami saying she loved EJ ‘more than anything in the world’ just after burying her son. WTF!?

Kate and Sami, who spent much of Will’s childhood fighting over him, didn’t see each other until Will’s funeral? And what was with that dialogue about losing the business? How about some words about the young man they both loved deeply?

Why was Sonny seated in the second row? He and Will were estranged, but they were still spouses. He certainly had more right to be there than John, who isn’t even related to Will, not even by marriage. And not only was poor Sonny relegated to the second row, no one in Sonny’s family could be bothered to attend Will’s funeral to support him. No Victor or Adrienne or Justin.

It’s not like Carrie and Austin, who helped to raise Will when he was a child as they are no longer on the canvas. But Adrienne, Justin and Victor are. Makes no sense they wouldn’t be there. I also think it’s strange that there have been no scenes between Adrienne and Lucas after Will’s death until this past week. Up until recently they were lovers, and Lucas has been there to support Adrienne through her cancer scare. She should have been there for him all along. I did like their scenes though.

And why was Joey there? He and Will were related, but the last time Will saw Joey, Joey was played by a child. They’ve had nothing to with each other since the recast. Just weird.

I’ve always thought Abigail was stupid but her thinking it was okay for Ben to speak at Will’s funeral is about the dumbest thing she’s ever done. I know the show did it for story purposes since Ben murdered Will and there’s ‘drama’ in that, but it just makes no sense for Ben, who barely knew Will, to be saying anything.


I’m sorry but Marlena and Kate talking about Will being a writer was hilarious. The talented and perceptive Will they described is not the one we saw on screen. Most of Will’s stories were sleazy exposes on his own family and the other he slept with the subject. And he got fired from his screenwriting gig. Yep, Ari will love to read about that when she grows up. Sure.

Didn’t Justin and Adrienne get back together about a month ago? Then why is Adrienne being so… bitchy and dismissive towards him? Is this how they work on their marriage? And why does Adrienne need to run the club in Sonny’s absence? Did the show forget that Sonny doesn’t even own the club anymore?

Alison Sweeney was terrific as always and Freddie Smith was pretty good. His crying at Will’s grave after the funeral is one of the few times I actually felt something in this whole stupid storyline.

EastEnders (U.K.)

I know that this show is trying to be socially relevant but the reveal that Les is a crossdresser and has an alternate persona, Christine, seems off. I loved it when Hollyoaks did it with Dylan, but I feel it’s out of place here. Oh well, at least the show is trying something different, I’ll give them that. I can understand Pam being upset and shocked though. Finding out something like that about the man you’ve been married to for 40 years would be something difficult to deal with. At least Paul quickly got over his being judgemental though. As well he should since if he hadn’t of ran around accusing Les of having an affair (while Paul himself was having an affair with Ben), none of this would have ever happened.

Why is Paul still chasing after Ben with his puppy dogs eyes and begging for Ben’s attention? Move on, Paul, you’re starting to look pathetic. But then Ben’s other love interest, Abi, is pretty pathetic herself. I guess that’s the kind Ben attracts.

As for the kidnapping plot, I still think it’s a dumb storyline. But at least it looks like it’ll be ending soon.

Emmerdale (U.K.)

The Strangers On A Train solution to the mystery of who shot Robert and why is stupid and unbelievable. Alfred Hitchcock did it better. It also makes me wish Ross would just go away. I’m really tired of the character and his petty, violent behavior that’s mostly the result of his childish jealousy over Pete.

Ross whines about how the family expects Ross to get over what Pete did to him, forgetting that they also expect Pete to swallow Ross’s sleeping with Pete’s fiancee, among other horrible deeds. Besides, Ross is involved in way too many storylines. The actor is terrific to be sure, but this is too much.

I also find it really hard to believe that Andy would agree to murder Pete, someone he’s known for years and is friends with. It’s out of character. And like Andy said, the situations between Robert and Andy/Pete and Ross are completely different. The whole thing is just contrived. Just like Paddy cheating on Rhona for absolutely no reason.

Not a shock that Aaron still loves Robert, even after all that’s happened. It just means that they’ll eventually get back together. Gay couples on soaps (and their shippers) always seem to be able to overlook trying to kill each other as they work towards a happy ending. Don’t get it, never will.

It’s pretty obvious that Emma isn’t the one terrorizing Chas, mostly because she’s the primary suspect. I wonder who’s doing it though. I admit I don’t have a clue about this one.

Cain going to Adam for help in murdering Robert seems like a stupid move. I thought Cain was smarter than that. Though I did like Cain reminding Adam about all the things and sacrifices Aaron has made for him over the years.
Still, no one hasn’t pointed out that Eric is responsible for Val’s death. I don’t get it. Makes no sense that someone hasn’t said the obvious truth.

General Hospital (U.S.)

We haven’t seen Brad and Lucas in ages. I wondered if they were still on the show! And they’re still dragging out this ‘Brad’s marriage’ storyline. Yawn! Given that they still haven’t said exactly what this is all about, I have a feeling the new writers still haven’t figured the whole thing out. But then neither had the old ones. Will it be another few months before they pick up this storyline again? And what’s with the doors closing as Brad and Lucas kissed? Shouldn’t we be past this by now?

Hollyoaks (U.K.)

The thing about Hollyoaks is that it can be totally ridiculous and utterly compelling, sometimes all at the same time. That’s how I felt about last week’s episodes as the show celebrated 20 years.
I don’t blame JP for exposing Ste and Harry’s affair. After all, they were ready to let JP’s career go down the toilet to keep their affair a secret (which frankly, is an awful, disgusting them for them to do and I’m glad Tony called them out on it), so why should he protect them? John Paul wanting Ste back is incomprehensible though after all the terrible things Ste did during their marriage. Then again, I don’t understand why anyone would want Ste to begin with. He’s an repellent person whose appeal has always been a mystery to me. Besides, whatever happened with JP and Lockie? I was hoping the show would give those two a shot.
There was never any doubt that Tony would accept and have no issue with Harry being gay, but the real issue is that he didn’t want his son with Ste. And who could blame him, given Ste’s terrible history, which Tony knows all about. His rant at Ste about what a trainwreck he is and how he destroys everyone he ‘loves’ was perfect and so true. Yet Tony is in no place to talk about the age difference between Harry and Ste when Tony had an affair with Sinead, who was his young enough to be his daughter. That is still one of this show’s ickiest storylines ever. And that’s saying something.

As for the other big storyline, the reveal of the Gloved Hand Killer as Freddie was the latest victim, I can’t say it’s a big surprise that Lyndsay is the murderer, but all the events leading up to the reveal were compelling and suspenseful. And there were lots of neat twists like Lyndsay and Kim putting Freddie in the back of Trevor’s car so he’d be pinned for Freddie’s murder, only for it to turn out that Freddie isn’t dead after all!

But it looks like the cop is going to keep Freddie ‘dead’ in order to make sure Trevor, who has committed a long list of crimes, goes to jail. I also thought Lyndsay explaining to Kim why she did what she did and going through the murders was well done. It often seems like Hollyoaks just throws storylines together, but it seems like they actually planned this one out from the very start.

It’s also an interesting plot point about Charlie being witness to the doctor’s murder. I wonder if this is going to finally put Nancy and Darren in each other’s orbit again and ultimately get them back together.
Diane and Tony’s re-marriage was really sweet, even though I don’t think Diane deserves Tony at all. And I think it might the first wedding in years where someone didn’t die or there was some other tragedy. LOL… I’m glad that Diane gave Tegan her baby back, especially given that Diane actually had no legal right to keep the child and was only doing it out of spite.

But the entire plot point about Jack suddenly selling the bar (again) to introduce the show’s new family was very clumsy, especially since the show does this same story point every few years. This is how they introduced the Costellos, if I remember correctly until all those characters were either killed off or written out.

Nashville (U.S.)

Gunnar is never going to get laid with that awful hairstyle. But that scene where he outed Will and Gunnar’s kiss to Kevin was hilarious. I wish we had seen Kevin and Will actually talk about it though.

I totally get Will being upset that he doesn’t get to perform his own songs on stage. It’s gotta hurt. I think Kevin needs to be more understanding of that and not so dismissive.

Secret Lives (Finland)

Welp, Kalle and Lari are pretty much doomed now. With the paternity secret hanging over their heads and Kalle and Lari engaged, along with Elias about to return, things are going to blow up for them. Shame since I’ve always liked them as a couple, even though I think Kalle’s proposing is a big mistake. Sure they’ve been dating awhile and they’re living together even, but Lari is still a teenager. I think he’s just too young to be making such major life choices.
As for Kristiina, I don’t blame Kalle for cutting his mother out of his life. Sometimes you have to stop letting negative people in your life drag you down, even if you’re related to them. I just dread her being so smug and full of herself when the truth does come out. I’d love it if Kalle got over Lari keeping the baby’s paternity a secret and forgave Lari, just to see the pissed off look on Kristiina’s face.

I hate out of all of this, she’ll get what she wants in the end and Kalle will wind up unhappy and alone.

Quantico (U.S.)

I’m not sure if I’ll be watching this show going forward. Not just because it turns out that Simon’s being gay is something made up because he’s messed up, but because this show is quickly becoming a ridiculous mess. The whole bit about the ‘Underground’ is a silly, contrived plot point, created so anytime Alex gets in trouble, she can turn to this shadowy organization to solve her problems.

Also, the Shelby/Caleb subplot is so cliched (I hate you, I do mean things to you, but let’s have sex) and they don’t even have much chemistry. And I’m not getting why Elias would not only buy Simon’s teary story, but change his mind after Simon has lied to him so many times. Besides, I’m kind of offended by the whole ‘claiming to be gay’ nonsense, especially coming from an openly gay creator/writer.


A Place To Call Home – James finds out about Olivia’s secret trysts with Lloyd, leading to a clash between the two men. James declares his marriage over and walks out on Olivia. But will this force James to finally give into his desire for Henry? All this marital discord also has James at odds with his father George and Regina swoops in to manipulate the situation to her advantage. However, there might be bigger problems when Rose, while James and Olivia are preoccupied, kidnaps James and Olivia’s baby George and disappears. Is the truth about the child about to come out?

Cuffs – In the debut episode of this new BBC police drama, openly gay cop Jake Vickers has a tough road to hoe, not just because of his sexuality, but because he’s the son of a prominent police officer. Everyone, including Ryan, Jake’s veteran partner, assumes Jake got a promotion because of his family connections, but Jake is determined to prove himself. When Jake screws up the first day on the job and lets a criminal escape, Ryan is furious, leading to an ugly clash between the rookie and his new partner.

Later, Jake meets sexy lawyer Simon Reddington and sparks fly. Ryan warns Jake not to get involved with someone he works with, but will Jake heed Ryan’s advice? Of course not!

EastEnders – As Ben and Kathy panic about what Gavin has done to Phil, Phil is found at home unconscious and beaten. Phil is rushed to the hospital where he and Ben later make peace over what happened before the kidnapping. Ben continues to worry about his dad and he might have reason since Phil refuses to talk about what happened while he was being held captive. Phil returns home, but things are tense and Ben and Phil get into an ugly argument. Ben turns to Paul on how to deal with his family trauma. But with Gavin still on the loose and out for revenge against Ben, Phil and Kathy, things get out of control — and very dangerous.

Elsewhere, Paul tries to reunite his grandparents. But will Pam ever accept that her husband is a crossdresser?

Emmerdale – Robert isn’t even out of the hospital, but he’s still stirring up trouble for Chrissie. Meanwhile, Ross is worried about Robert remembering that he shot him, but he’s even more consumed with getting revenge on Pete and concocts a scheme to get rid of his brother once and for all.

Hollyoaks – Scott is upset when Tony asks him to move out now that Tony and Diane are remarried. To get rid of Tony, Scott frames him as Diane’s poisoner. But while Diane first believes Tony tried to hurt her, she eventually realizes Scott is behind everything. Scott explains his reasons for what he’s done, confessing that he just wanted to feel needed. But he admits that no one wants him around and decides to leave town.

Elsewhere, Ste is angry when Cameron, thanks to Leela, doesn’t serve anytime for murdering Danny and Sam.


Cuffs – Jake is left embarrassed when he makes a rookie mistake on the job…

Emmerdale – Released from the hospital, Robert begins to suspect Aaron isn’t the one who shot him…

Empire – While the family struggles to deal with Hakeem’s kidnapping, Jamal distracts himself by focusing on his music….

Hollyoaks – John Paul helps Mercedes deal with the news that that her baby is stillborn…

Neighbours – Aaron want to confess to starting the fire, but Mark stops him; Nate is upset when he hears the news about Chris and Lucy’s newborn baby….

River City – In the wake of his recent marital woes, Robbie spends his night partying, but he soon realizes there’s a price to pay for his excessive clubbing…

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