Will Nick Jonas Be Gay On “Scream Queens” Too?

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A newly single Nick Jonas is teasing his role on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming Fox comedy Scream Queens, but he’s dodging the only question everyone wants to know about it: Will he play a gay man again?

At this point, Nick Jonas has intentionally appealed to the gay community more than any other demographic buying his music. His debut album’s publicity tour began with an open shirt at a gay club and continued, for many months, pandering exclusively to the gay community.

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His breakout acting role on DirecTV’s Kingdom turned out to be that of a (surprise!) closeted gay man and, in his recent interview with Metro, Nick is making it sound like his Scream Queens character may also be into dudes. (Fingers crossed!)


“My character is a college fraternity guy but not what you’d think – there are lots of surprises in store,” he said. “The reaction to the pilot has been great and it will cultivate an audience pretty quickly.”

A college fraternity guy but not what you’d think? Lots of surprises?

Oh my god, does that include more surprise back-alley blow jobs?


We can only hope.

Scream Queens premieres Tuesday, September 22 on Fox.

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