Will Superman Fans Be Pissed About “Man Of Steel” Ending?

Hello friend.

Hello friend.

Man of Steel hit theaters yesterday, and it seems that the latest Superman reboot has a possibly controversial ending that could be a major bummer for all those comic book fans out there.

Now, to be completely honest, our superhero film interest is 99% based on the hotness of the male lead, as it should be, but for those Comic Con aficionados who live and breath the world of these bionic men and women, the new Superman jam may have them pretty pissed.

Spoilers ahead obvi.

EW broke things down today in a post that brought up some longstanding rule that superheroes never kill anyone. And, at the end of Man of Steel, well, our superhero most definitely kills someone.

Now, we can’t imagine most folks being that traumatized about all this, but Darren Franich at EW sure does seem pissed, writing:

I wonder if the people who made “Man of Steel” think it’s somehow impressive — or realistic, or even cool — to make their Superman a killer. Personally, I think you’ll need to dig deep into 75 years of Superman history to find an interpretation of the character so shallow, cynical, and just plain ugly.

Hey, in our humble opinion, Henry Cavill can kill whoever he wants in a film as long as he keeps looking hot. Superhero or not.