Will “True Blood” Season Six Give Us What We Want?

The trailer is out. Will shirtlessness be enough?

HBO has just released the full-length trailer for Season Six of True Blood, which will premiere Sunday, June 16 at 9 PM.

Season Five was the most hit and miss of the entire series. There was the good – Steve Newlin’s return, Tara the cranky vamp, but there was far more bad – The Vampire Authority, Ifrit, and they brought back Russell Edgington, and then squandered him. Can Season Six bring back the luster?

It’s too early to tell from the trailer. Bill is the vampire God, an all-out war is brewing between vamps and humans, Jessica looks hot, Alcide rips his shirt off. Some of this stuff looks promising, but … oh, there’s shirtless Eric. Maybe It’ll work out.

Are you looking forward to Season Six?

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