Willam And Morgan McMichaels Are Tonya Harding And Nancy Kerrigan In “Ice Queens”: WATCH

ice queens tonya harding 2

It was 20 years ago that figure skating took a turn for the scandalous, when Olympic skater Tonya Harding stood accused of conspiring to have rival skater Nancy Kerrigan whacked in the kneecap.

Now, all these years later, Logo brings you Ice Queens, a 10-part comedic re-telling of the Kerrigan-Harding scandal, starring RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites Willam Belli (as Tonya) and Morgan McMichaels (as Nancy)—plus Delta Work as an FBI agent, Yara Sofia as Oksana Baiul, Vivienne Pinay as a reporter, Colby Melvin as Jeff Gillooly and Christopher Adames as Shane Stant, the man who actually committed the dastardly deed.

In a multimedia first, the micro-miniseries is launching simultaneously on FacebookTwitterInstagramVine, on Logo TV and right here on NewNowNext.

Each episode is about 10 seconds long, so bingewatching will be a snap!

Check out the first two installments of Ice Queens below, and come back tomorrow for more figure-skating fierceness.

Ice Queens, Episode 1:


Ice Queens, Episode 2

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