Willam Is Gonna Give Us Walking-Dead Realness In “Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus”

kicking zombie ass for Jesus

She’s traveling the globe, starring in music videos, collaboratin’ with Vicky Vox and Detox, and filming our 30 Days of Willam segments. But Willam Belli still has time to work on a movie!

Our NewNowNext whorsespondent has signed on to Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesusa horror flick about drag queens facing the zombie apocalypse. (Kind of like the beginning of Season 4 of Drag Race!) Willam Instagrammed the promo poster above today, along with the message, “KZAFJ starts filming in 2 weeks in Texas. Bye LA.”

Zombie Ass will be directed by Israel Luna, who brought us 2010’s controversial queersploitation flick Ticked-Off Trannies With Kniveswhich Willam had a star turn in as well. (She’s kind of the DiCaprio to his Scorcese.)

The film’s IndieGoGo page gives more details:

kicking ass for jesus willam belliA miracle pill intended to save the world causes unforeseen side-effects forcing the surviving gays and bible thumpers in a small Texas town to join forces or fall prey to the flesh craving mutants.

The new horror comedy Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus, written and directed by controversial filmmaker Israel Luna (Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives), begins one momentous night as the world gathers to take a miracle pill scientists say prevents all viral diseases. Hours later after the synchronized celebration ends there’s a sudden and unsettling quiet that blankets the globe. Then, everything turns dire as it becomes all too clear that everyone who took the pill suffers from horrific side-effects.

As a few, defiant, non pill-popping survivors emerge in the small Texas town of Eliasville, they find themselves seeking refuge in an abandoned building near the town’s center. Soon after Beth Anne, a transgender woman, and Phil, a tough-as-nails lesbian, have finished barricading themselves safely inside they quickly realize that they are not the sole survivors after encountering Samuel, pastor of the local “Gay is not Ok” Pentecostal church, along with his wife, Janice, and closeted son, Ethan. While butting their proverbial heads at every turn things get even crazier upon discovering a madcap group of vigilante survivors all of whom are challenged to band together in hopes of surviving the zombie apocalypse that surrounds them.

This film is the second installment of the Grindhouse-styled trilogy from La Luna Entertainment and serves as a companion piece to Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, aka TOTWK. After the unexpected controversy and praise writer/director Israel Luna garnered with TOTWK many movie critics have posed the question, “What will he do next?” With “Zombie” Luna promises not to disappoint with yet another sure-to-be cult classic that offers up relevant issues of justice and equality set within a mainstream genre that’s laden with elements of old-school horror.

Filming begins in Texas on October 7. Good luck with that heat, girl!

Below, the film’s creators explain their vision

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