Willam And Rhea Litre Invite Us To Their KaiKai — Video

Willam and Rhea Litre released their new music video and — shocking news alert — we love it.

Willam looks amazing as usual in her tight bright mini-dress as she joins Rhea Litre and friends for a massive kaikai in the duo’s new “Let’s Have a KaiKai” music video. They cover the Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s have a Kiki” giving the song a whole new meaning.

The lyrics are hilarious, made complete with Willam and Rhea’s seductive dance moves. Commands are shouted out: wrap your legs tight, strip, turn and, of course, no eye contact.

The catchy chorus will be stuck in your head for so long you’ll struggle to remember the lyrics to “Chow down at Chic-fil-A.”