William Shatner and James Spader BLANK in the “Boston Legal” series finale

Oohhhhh here we go again…

The relative gay-friendliness of David E. Kelley’s various lawyer shows has been discussed ’round these parts, with some folks sharing the opinion that Boston Legal — a show that revolves around the love affair between two straight men and has featured gay characters and gay storylines in a mostly positive light in the past — fell mostly on the side of a plus for gay visibility.

Find out how primetime’s most curious bromance wrapped up (and take our poll on the finale), after the break. (Spoilers, obvs.)

Last night the men’s romance wrapped up in the most logical way: they were legally married in order to ensure that Denny (William Shatner) would be taken care of and protected by his best bro Alan (James Spader) when his Alzheimer’s worsened. The two are seen dancing on their beloved balcony, where they shared so many supportive words and cigars in the past.

It’s made clear that while these men love one another more than anything else, they are not gay and do not plan on becoming gay, and their marriage is therefore a true same-sex marriage without being a gay one.

So what did fans of the show think of this emotionally logical conclusion of the Denny/Alan bromance? Is it a case for gay or same-sex marriage, or is it a lampoon of the need for legal protection for legitimate gay relationships? (If you missed the ep and want to watch, it’s available online.)

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