Who’s this Willy Moon? [video]

You might recognize his music from the adorable iPod touch commercial or that ’Revenge’ promo last week…

And if none of the above rings a bell then let us here at NewNowNext introduce you to Willy Moon. This New Zealand born artist knows how to sing the modern blues, shake his hips and pelvic thrust like it’s 1959. Always suited up, Willy Moon has major passion in his neatly hemmed pants for music, style and performing.

Watch above to see Willy talk about his vocally inclined career path, which all began with him recording music on his now busted PC. Considering he has that sweet iPod touch promo going for him, Mac might be able to hook him up. We’re sure glad Willy has moved from recording in his “flat” (oh that Aussie English) to a studio so his electric meets jazz meets hip hop meets blues music can be shared with the world.

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