How Willy Wonka Pushed Peppermint On The Road To “Drag Race”

"I rolled around on that floor like no other."

Miss Chachki isn’t the only Violet whose style is worth mopping.

In a new outtake from last week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race finale, season 9 runner-up Peppermint reveals how she first got started doing drag.

“One of my favorite movies was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” Peppermint tells the crowd. “When my mom left the house to go to work, I snatched her blue jumper from the closet and put it on, painted my face blue, I made a wig out of orange yarn, and turned myself into Violet Beauregarde, the girl who turned into a blueberry. And I rolled around on that floor like no other.” Isn’t that a sweet origin story?

An upcoming documentary, Project Peppermint, captures the proud trans woman’s rise to international stardom after years of struggle. “Even if I’d never been assigned male at birth, I would have found my way to the stage,” she says in a new trailer.

Watch the Drag Race finale clip below.

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