Pennsylvania Woman Arrested For Harassing, Lewdly Groping, Gay Man

The defendant reportedly wanted to "mess with the gay guy."

A Pennsylvania woman is due in court this week to answer for charges that she inappropriately touched and sexually assaulted a gay man.

Rachel Acevedo of Chambersburg was charged with indecent assault and harassment stemming from an incident on January 20, according to Chambersburg Public Opinion.

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The 36-year-old was reportedly intoxicated and sat on the lap of the male victim, who was sober. The man reported he was a guest at the house, and that Acevedo knew he was gay but decided to rub herself on him and lick his face. As she tried to grab his crotch, he pushed her away and, uncomfortable with her advances, left before police arrived.

The victim claims Acevedo was told to leave him alone, but insisted she was going to “mess with the gay guy.”

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