Let This Woman Mixing Up Biden and Pete Buttigieg Distract You for 40 Glorious Seconds

"Thank you, Gay Joe, for being yourself."

Feeling confused and overwhelmed today? Same. But, hey—you can rest assured that you’ll never be quite as mixed-up as this woman who confused Joe Biden for Pete Buttigieg.

Lesbian comedian and TikTok star Grace Kuhlenschmidt has gone viral with a hilarious impersonation of a woman mixing up the Democratic presidential nominee with Buttigieg, the openly gay politician from South Bend, Indiana, who ran against him in the primaries. The 40-second skit is an act, but you wouldn’t know it by Kuhlenschmidt’s spot-on impression of a straight girl who just loooves gay boys.

“A vote for Joe is a vote for every gay man who has ever made you dance like you’re Janet Jackson, who has made you giggle like you’re a little baby, and who has made you feel like a beauty queen, like your very own Twiggy,” Kuhlenschmidt says in the video.

She goes on to thank “Gay Joe” for being himself, even when everyone was “calling you (faggot)”: “You were you. So thank you.”

The sketch is all in a day’s work for Kuhlenschmidt, who told Diva magazine in October that she is “making content for queer people.”

“Reaching queer people is my goal,” she added. “It feels really important to me. … If at any point some kid is watching me and can be a little more comfortable in their queerness and thinks lesbians can be cool, I find that to be really important and it’s one of the biggest things that matters to me.”

Slay! Yaas, mama!

Watch Kuhlenschmidt’s full sketch here for a brief reprieve from those Election Day jitters—after you’ve voted, that is.

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