Wonder Woman Vs. Sailor Moon In A Vogue-Off Of Heroic Proportions: WATCH

If we could reach through the Internet and let out a giant “SKWEEEE!” in front of all your faces we would. In this epic vogue battle from February’s Streetstar Festival in Stockholm, two superheroines from our childhoods enter the ring: Sailor Moon (a.k.a. Finland’s Inxi) and Wonder Woman (a.k.a. France’s Lasseindra).

Streetstar focuses “on visual experiences such as street dance festivals, suggestive performances, modern events, experimental movies, wicked remixes, cool fashion happenings and explorative workshops.”

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Both ladies gave us life but the judges ruled Lasseindra ultimately the winner. Did they make the right call or were they out of their damn minds? Make the call in the comments section below.

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h/t: Queerty

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