Working Stiffs: Eight Of Our Favorite Labor Gays

Today is Labor Day in the U.S., when Americans have the chance to take the day off work, watch nerd marathons on TV, drink copious amounts of alcohol, and swelter in the late summer heat.

Of course, some people deserve the day off more than others, for instance, these eight guys. They’re some of the hardest working gays on TV, dedicated to their jobs, and teaching us all a lesson about perseverance.

Take the day off, guys. You’ve earned it.

John Cooper, Southland

John Cooper certainly deserves his paycheck. Not only does Officer Cuddlybear have to endure a babyfaced brat from the O.C., his mentor was Major Dad, and his chronic back problems lead to a dependence on pain pills. But his dedication to his job helps him to overcome his addiction, and hopefully he’s earning major overtime … because the last time we saw him he was shot twice in the abdomen, and has been bleeding in the street for over a year.

Sam Adama, Caprica

Sam started out as a door-to-door Ginsu salesman, and that helped with his career path, as enforcer for the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate. Carving up a politician who insulted Sam’s brother? It’s just all in a day’s work!

Agron, Spartacus

“Here’s to good friends. Tonight is kinda special.”

Agron is a master at multitasking, with bloodshed and bone-crushing both a part of his daily planner. But it’s all worth it at the end of the workday when he brings his tired ass home to a warm cup of goat milk and the soothing arms of Nasir

Sonny Kiriakis, Days Of Our Lives


Sonny comes from a rich, powerful family, and could coast through life from name recognition alone. But he’s decided to compensate for his family’s ostentation by getting down in the trenches and mingling with the common man. And no one is more common that Will Horton. From dispensing drinks and advice during the day, to enduring baby drama (he knows firsthand all about “Labor Day”) and husband bullshit at night … Sonny deserves hazard pay.

Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood



Lafa is part Sylvester James and part Florence Jean Castleberry (sadly, the catchphrase “Kiss My Grits, Hooker” never caught on), and could sling attitude and snark along with the fried cheese and cornbread. It’s difficult to live off a server’s salary (and occasional forays into V drug dealing and beefcake pics of straight lunkhunks), so you’d better tip him what he deserves … or your cocktail might be delivered with a little extra wang to it.

Scotty Wandell, Brothers & Sisters


Scotty started from humble beginnings (it doesn’t get more humble than living in your car), but his skills in the kitchen catapulted him to professional chef stardom. And sure, he may canoodle with the occasional cute cater-waiter, but you would too if you had to deal with the pressure of a hot, grimy kitchen and then come home to a neurotic poodle-head and his deranged family.

Mickey Milkovich, Shameless


Mickey is a tireless advocate for worker’s rights, having stood toe-to-toe with upper management to get higher pay for a group of professional social companions. His pursuit of workplace fairness extends to the love of his life Ian, whose interpretive dance career is shortened by undiagnosed bi-polar disorder.

Oliver Fish, One Life To Live

Oliver was a Working Joe, living an uneventful life as one of Llanview’s Finest, until he found himself falling for former camp buddy and shady med student Kyle. Oliver tried to navigate this new minefield, while still working his duties as beat cop, culminating in a public coming-out in uniform. There must be a bonus for that.

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