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President Obama’s Final World AIDS Day Address: “Long After I Leave This Office, You’ll Have A Partner In Me”

The president declared we're closer than ever to a "future where no individual has to suffer from HIV/AIDS."

President Obama delivered a message of hope in recognition of World AIDS Day today that highlighted the progress that we’ve made in fighting the disease while reminding us of the work that still remains.

His 2016 proclamation took a moment to “remember those we have lost too soon” before reflecting on the fact that, although we have seen major achievements in slowing down the epidemic, the fight is far from over.

“Gay and bisexual men, transgender people, youth, black and Latino Americans, people living in the Southern United States and people who inject drugs are at a disproportionate risk,” the president warned.

President Obama Participates In World AIDS Day Discussion At George Washington University
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Obama also pointed out that his introduction of the Affordable Care Act has prevented people from being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions like HIV and allowed millions of people to access affordable health care plans to fight the disease.

With President-elect Trump threatening to get rid of Obamacare when he takes office next month, it was a poignant reminder that we must work together under the new administration to keep the forward momentum going.

“Accelerating the progress we have made will require sustained commitment and passion from every sector of society and across every level of government around the world,” he said. “A future where no individual has to suffer from HIV/AIDS is within our reach, and today, we recommit to ensuring the next generation has the tools they need to continue fighting this disease.”

The president also delivered a video message to address World AIDS Day and you can watch his speech below.

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