World-Record-Holding Bodybuilder Comes Out As A Trans Woman

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A world record-holding bodybuilding and powerlifter has come out as a trans woman.

Janae Marie Kroc—who, as Matt Kroczaleski, set the powerlifting world record in the 220-pound class in 2009—disclosed her gender identity on Instagram this week.

(Note: Janae Marie has approved use of her male name, which we only do for clarification purposes.)

Kroc, 42, identifies as both trans and genderfluid, describing herself as an “alpha male/girly girl lesbian in a male body.”

On the site Gymflow100, she wrote that “being a total alpha male and transgender definitely makes me unique even in the transgender community.”

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Currently Kroc, who has three sons, lives as both a man and a woman. Whether she’ll fully transition to female is something she’s still deciding.

“Exactly what I need to do to be at peace with myself is something I am still not 100% certain of,” she says.

“Transitioning is a very difficult process and even tougher at an older age… I don’t think the transitioning will magically solve all of my issues without creating new challenges.”

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Kroc added that if she did transition, she would cease competing in lifting. “I feel that would be a no-win situation and I would never want to do anything that would reflect negatively on the transgender or powerlifting communities.”

On message boards, bodybuilding fans expressed disbelief Kroc was serious, leading her to post a response. (The overall reaction, however, seems to be positive.)

“First, yes this is really me and yes I am transgender,” she wrote. “Second, one does not ’become’ transgender, you are or you aren’t. I have known this since I was five years old and it has been a very heavy burden to carry.”


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Kroc added that for most of her life she “would have given anything” to not be trans, and that at one point she considered suicide. “Now I am perfectly comfortable with who I am and have been very open about this for many years.” 

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