Worlds Collide: “Justice League” Does “Magic Mike”

Newsarama has put together all of the DC Comics March 2015 variant covers, in which classic movie posters are “reimagined” by DC stars.

Here are Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern as Matt Bomer, as Justice League does Magic Mike.

What do you think?

Batman does a fine Matthew McConaughey (keeping the cowl is a nice touch, ala Matthew’s hat), but poor Aquamanganiello still can’t get respect, pushed off to the side (although at least they let him keep his belt symbol).

Why can’t Aquaman be Channing Tatum? Why can’t dull Superman be a supporting player for once? Aquaman has always been the most underrated superhero, and one of the hottest (yes, I realize the constant shrinkage gives him the illusion of being seahorse hung, but i’m sure he’s a sight to behold at full mast.)

Anyway, here are a few other covers. Can you name the movie source?

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