Wow: Helena Bonham Carter Sounds Exactly Like Elizabeth Taylor

I guess it’s impossible to talk about Burton & Taylor, the BBC biopic of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor starring Dominic West and Helena Bonham Carter that aired last night, without bringing up Lindsay Lohan’s cataclysmic Lifetime film P.U.tterfield 8 Liz and Dick.

Sorry about that. But watching this clip from HBC’s portrayal makes you realize a key element of Lohan’s failure: a complete inability to capture Liz Taylor’s voice. I am a diehard Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? zealot, and even I sort of underestimated the wicked, purring singularity of Liz’s voice. HBC did not, thankfully, and thus we have this fascinating impersonation. I’d watch her recreate Liz’s entire role in Reflections in a Golden Eye, personally, with a well-maquillaged Channing Tatum as bitter Brando.