Crack Is Back in Hilarious Wrangler Peekaboos “SNL” Sketch

Will Ferrell and Bowen Yang flaunt some "tasteful rear cleavage."

You can wear them without underwear, but definitely don’t wear them backwards: Wrangler Peekaboos for men are here.

The 45th season of Saturday Night Live is really on its gay bullshit, and last weekend’s episode was no exception. In fact, the queerness pervaded skits that were cut for time, like “Jeans Commercial,” starring guest host du jour Will Ferrell. The sketch sees Ferrell pose as a model for Wranglers Peekaboo jeans, a saucy, more revealing cut of the brand’s classic denim with an “all-purpose peekaboo window” to show a little extra crack.

The real fun comes when out actor and SNL writer Bowen Yang debuts the extra-flirty Peekaboo jeans with a heart-shaped window.

“It’s 2019, and I want to feel sexy too,” Yang says, flaunting some of that “tasteful rear cleavage.” “Is that so wrong?”

Is Bowen Yang flaunting some crack the gayest SNL moment so far this season? It’s tough to say for certain.

Between Billy Porter emceeing an LGBTQ presidential town hall like a ballroom event, Harry Styles guesting as a horny Instagay and irresponsible Sara Lee Bread employee who loves threesomes, and Kristen Stewart parodying Tegan and Sara with Kate McKinnon, we can say that SNL is giving the gays what we want.

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