Haters Are Tweeting At The Wrong Adam Rippon—And He’s Loving It

"I’m having fun with it so far!" says 37-year-old game developer Adam Rippon.

By now, you’ve heard of Adam Rippon, the out 28-year-old figure skater who won bronze last weekend at the Winter Games. But you might not know Adam Rippon, the 37-year-old game developer from Oakland, who’s been receiving a barrage of tweets from misinformed Twitter users.

The confusion is understandable, considering the game designer’s username is @TheAdamRippon. (The Olympic skater tweets under the handle @AdaRipp.)

The elder Rippon told Kotaku that he’s having the time of his life replying to haters on Twitter, who’ve galvanized against the “real” Rippon for protesting the Trump administration’s anti-LGBT policies.

After the skater repeatedly turned down an invite to the White House, one troll mistakenly tweeted at the game developer, calling him an “idiot” and an “embarrassment.” He’s also received his fair share of tweets erroneously praising him for his medal-worthy skating.

“I love it,” says Rippon. “I might get tired of the constant tweets if they keep up for more than a few weeks, but I’m having fun with it so far!”

He recalls the first time he encountered his namesake years ago on MySpace: “It’s hazy, but I remember our conversation as being a, ’Hey, I’m Adam Rippon! No way! I’m Adam Rippon! I make video games! I figure skate! Wow we’re both so different!’ kind of chat. Seemed like a real nice kid, and he had Olympic aspirations even then as I recall.”

Rippon confesses he hasn’t been confused for the figure skater in real life—at least, not yet. He does plans to sport a figure-skating outfit at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

And if Rippon ever wants to do a skating video game, he’s totally got dibs.

Since he won’t be visiting the President, the out Olympian was invited to the GLAAD Media Awards in L.A. in April.

Here’s hoping GLAAD mailed the invitation to the right Adam Rippon.

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