Wyoming Fourth Of July Parade Includes Outhouse Labeled “Transgender Bathroom”

Members of the community have slammed parade organizers for the insensitive oversight.

A float depicting a ramshackle outhouse as a “transgender restroom” is causing a stir on the Internet after rolling through Cody, Wyoming in a Fourth of July parade on Monday.

Critics believe the float’s transphobic undertones marginalize trans people and trivialize the trans experience, while others have defended the float as it was “meant in humor.”

“It’s a valid point,” one person wrote in a Reddit thread discussing the float. “Outhouses and portajohns have been used by everyone with no issues for years and years.”

On Facebook, a commenter added: “Wow-I didn’t find that tasteless or hateful…hopefully more people have a tougher skin than some. All I thought it was saying is we have all been using the same facilities since there was only one place to go so we should stop being so pathetic and realize it is a non issue!!!”

Local radio station My Country 95.5 noted another response posted the the Cody Chamber of Commerce page:

“WOW!!! Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and Wyoming Office of Tourism — Do you think this is an appropriate entry in the 4th of July Parade???? Crap like this, seen by thousands of visitors, makes your efforts worthless. Hey thanks Cody, Wyoming for making our state look like a bunch of prejudiced jerks.”

The parade’s organizers, the Cody Stampede Parade Committee, responded to the discussion in a Facebook post addressing the “confusion” some felt over the float’s message.

The post also recognized an “award” sign posted to the float in the photo that’s being circulated. Apparently the award was actually given to a different entrant who had momentarily rested the sign on the outhouse float at the time of the picture — the float itself was not the recipient of the award:

Wyoming Equality confirmed on Facebook that it would be speaking with parade organizers in the near future, but asked supporters to do three things in the meantime: Listen, be patient, and donate.

“Let trans voices lead this conversation,” the post reads in part. “If you are cisgender, listen to and support your trans brothers and sisters in Wyoming. Listen and respect their perspective- they have far more experience navigating life in Wyoming as a trans person than we do.”

Matthew Tharrett is a writer, filmmaker, and above all else, a Britney fan. He once shared a milkshake with Selena Gomez.