X-Files Comes to WonderCon


— Jamie Lynn from AfterEllen.com

Last weekend at at WonderCon, a few
lucky souls in San Francisco witnessed the trailer for the new X-Files
movie. It remains to be seen if this is a movie that should happen
— I am not a huge fan of the first — but catching a glimpse of it over
at Cinematical.com, I’m sure I sat at my computer with
an dorky fangirl grin on my face.  Anticipation is sweet.

Retrocrush.com was on the scene to interview Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny afterward
about the movie and their post-X-Files perspectives.  Duchovny
talks a lot (why am I not surprised?), but Anderson managed to get a
few words in.  Here are some highlights.  And a snap judgment:
Duchovny needs a haircut.


First, the news is that the
movie will be a throwback to the beginning of the series; there will
be mythology (as is hinted at in the trailer) but the film will be a standalone
project for those who’ve never seen the series.  And for those
who stopped watching during the last two seasons, when even Annabeth
wasn’t enough to compensate for Scully’s annoyingly endless


No, Agent Reyes is
not in the film.  But she’s pretty.

One question I found interesting: "Why
is the show still relevant? Why are the characters still relevant? At
the time it seemed like it was a very turn-of-the-century, millennial

    ANDERSON: It’d be interesting to
    know, if we had started the series in 2008, what would have been happening.
    When they started it, there was something very timely about it. Whether
    it would take in this day and age, I have no idea. I think that all
    the elements that made it what it was contribute to why it was successful,
    and why people are interested in seeing more of it. 

Let’s see.  A show about two people
searching for personal and public truths, set in a time when people
distrust the government’s truth-telling capacity and wonder what dirty
secrets might be hidden under official policies and sugar-coated rhetoric. 
Some things are just timeless.   

On whether it is frustrating to be
so highly identified with a character:

    ANDERSON: There’s certain times
    when my focus has been on different things. Like at a charity event
    on another continent. And that’s all they want to talk about, they don’t
    want to talk about the charity event. Yeah, that gets frustrating. Or
    when I’m trying to promote something else and 75 percent of the interview wants
    to go back to the series. It’s frustrating, but it is what it is. I
    wouldn’t have the choices to do the things I want to do today if it
    weren’t for the series. 

I do have a little sympathy for this. 
And when she does open her mouth, she has to be


When asked about the experience
of being at the panel and mingling with fans, both Anderson and Duchovny
seem to have enjoyed the experience.  I know, what else would they
say?  But it’s sort of cute that they might even entertain the
idea people wouldn’t come out for the movie.  I mean, I knew what
was coming and I still sat through Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

    ANDERSON: It’s a wonderful feeling
    to know that there’s people out there who are going to show up and actually
    see this film when it comes out. Their enthusiasm and their desire to
    see it. I think that is rewarding, and a bit of a relief.


    DUCHOVNY: It was always my hope
    that we would get to do one of these every 5 or 6 years. When I was
    getting off the television show I wasn’t like "Screw the show,
    screw these characters, screw you!" I would love to keep doing
    it, if I could come back every now and then. I love working with Gillian,
    I love Chris. I love the characters. If we can pull that off, that’d
    be great. And if not? I’m perfectly happy with the amount of work we’ve
    done as Mulder and Scully, you know? (laughs) We’ve done a lot. So in
    a way, I felt that this was "win/win". If it continues on,
    then it’s fantastic. If it goes away … well, then we did a lot.

I can’t imagine how the movie will
play out, given the ending of the series.  Will Scully and Mulder’s
son, whose lame story line disappeared from the final episodes, turn
up?  Will they pretend he never existed?  Will they still
be on the run?  Will they be pursuing the truth?  I hope the
anticipation isn’t the most thrilling part of the movie, but I’m there.   Ain’t It Cool

has a blow-by-blow of the WonderCon panel presentation if you want more.