Meet Shade, the X-Men’s First Drag Queen Mutant Superhero

Snikt! Thwrooop!

Move over Storm, there’s a fierce new mutant in town!

Sina Grace, the out writer behind the Iceman comic series, and artist Nathan Stockman, have created Shade, the new drag queen superhero that sashayed onto comic store shelves in last month’s Iceman #4, and returns in the new issue of Iceman that just hit stands this week.

Sina Grace

Aside from serving lewks, Shade’s mustant power is being able to create “pocket voids” allowing her to teleport via her black Daftboy fan—which she shows off while emceeing a Mutant Pride event. Not only can you catch her in the new issue of Iceman, but she’s also in the super-sized X-Men: Winter’s End annual issue out in February.

“I really wanted this series to push readers to new and better stories about the whole queer experience and how it applies to being both a mutant and a superhero,” Grace told The Advocate referring to Iceman, who is gay in his solo series. “There’s a million different queer perspectives and we’re only scratching the surface.”

Sina Grace

Grace told NewNowNext that his inspirations for Shade came from RuPaul’s Drag Race queens like Shea Couleé, Monét X Change, The Vixen, and Dax ExclamationPoint. Couldn’t you tell?

First Shade sashays into comic stands, but could a solo series or the Marvel cinematic universe be far behind? We would love to see Shade’s teleporting fan in action on the big screen.

Sina Grace/Marvel

Call us Professor X because Shade has ripped off our wig and left us bald!

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