Avatar Clothing Will Go Gender-Neutral In Upcoming Xbox Update

“We don’t want to put you in a box. There are no more checkboxes."

The Xbox Live Avatars program will be throwing out gender norms when it returns to the gaming console later this year.

Microsoft is making some updates to the program, which originated on Xbox 360 and allows players to customize a virtual character to represent themselves on the system.

The new version is opening up a plethora of more diverse options for users, including wheel chairs, prosthetic limbs and pregnant avatars. But one of the biggest changes will be the elimination of clothing being separated by gender.

Players will now be able to dress their avatars outside of traditional gender norms, according to an Xbox Daily live stream from E3.

“When we think about what we want to design, at the end of the day, avatars are meant for whatever you want your digital self to represent,” explained project manager Bryan Saftler. “We don’t want to put you in a box. There are no more checkboxes.”

“No matter what you think you look like,” he added, “this whole avatar system is designed so that you can represent your best self on Xbox Live.”

Check out a trailer for the Xbox update before its release this fall.


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