Yanis Marshall: “‘Truth Or Dare’ Really Changed My Life”

"Those dancers were all-stars."

We sat down with Yanis Marshall to talk about Truth or Dare, the 1991 documentary that introduced the world to Madonna’s iconic dancers on the legendary Blond Ambition tour.

Yanis Marshall

Truth or Dare really changed my life,” Marshall confesses. “Even that young, I knew I was watching something different… it was about being free and expressing yourself. [Those dancers] were all-stars. I know most of them, and I respect them so much. I think they helped her be better on that tour. It wasn’t just about Madonna—it was the whole package.”

With the dancers reunited in the documentary Strike a Pose, we had to ask Yanis: Which one is his favorite?

madonna miramax

“I love Slam—he knows it,” he confessed. “I fangirl about it. When I was little he was the one I wanted to be.”

Watch Strike a Pose Thursday, April 6 at 8/7c on Logo.

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