Yanis Marshall Teaches Max Emerson How To Dance In Heels

"Basically, don't fall on your ass."

Dancer Yanis Marshall has garnered an international fanbase—and more than 1.2 million followers on YouTube—with his sizzling high-heel routines. Max Emerson hasn’t taken a dance class in more than a decade.

yanis marshall max emerson

So of course we thought it’d be perfect to have Yanis teach Max some of his signature moves at Broadway Dance Center, where Yanis teaches.

While giving his lesson, the French choreographer fills us in on his background, the evolution of his style, and tips on dancing in stilettos.

yanis marshall max emerson

“Any kind of training will help,” Marshall teases, “but you can just show up and get what I give you.”

Whew, anyone else see sparks between these two?


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