Years & Years Frontman Olly Alexander Drags Record Shop For Having A “Gay” Section

"Can you really label a sound or style of music gay?"

Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander dragged a German record shop on Twitter this morning after learning it had filed his most recent record in the “gay” music section.

“Can you really label a sound or style of music gay?” the 25-year-old tweeted in response to a fan who posted a photo of the Communion album in the clearly-labeled section, alongside Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighbourhood” and the GBF soundtrack.

Olly discussed the weird grouping in a series of tweets and eventually brushed it off with more than a few jokes.

“Me and my gay ass love gay music and being gay is the best ! Bye h8rs!” he wrote. “On my way to the studio! #gaymusic.”

We can only hope this record shop has been thoroughly shamed into updating their music classification system for the 21st century.

h/t Attitude

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